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Start Line

Start at the North Pacific Cannery in Port Edward and run along the side of the road. The 21km half-marathon route will travel along rolling hills with views of the cannery, the Skeena River, Lelu Island, the Pacific Ocean through the quaint Port Edward community and out to Galloway Rapids bridge and back. The 10km and 5km route will follow the same road.

Family fun

There is a 1km run, registration is free, for kids. Non-participants can pay $10 for BBQ lunch. Please notify the event organizer if you want an extra BBQ ticket on the day of the race, or purchase ahead of time.


CN is expanding their rail line out to Port Edward and drivers and runners should be cautious in and around the cannery site and on the road. The gravel path beside the rail tracks at the cannery is NOT a walking path. 


There are bathrooms on site at the North Pacific Cannery.


We will have a location where runners can leave their belongings (water bottle, warm clothes, car keys, etc.) Please place your things in a bag! The North Pacific Cannery and Rupert Runners is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


A First Aid attendant and RCMP officer will be on site during the race in case of emergency.

The Prince Rupert Regional Hospital is 10km away.


There will be three water stations along the route, one at the 10K mark, another at the 5K mark and one at the 2.5K mark. Please thank our volunteers for their efforts!


We are submitting our food orders in on September 11. Anyone who purchased a race ticket and extra BBQ ticket before then will be fed. There will be some BBQ tickets sold afterward but once we sell out, that's it! There is a cafeteria at the North Pacific Cannery and you're welcome to bring your own food for lunch.

The BBQ will run from noon until 2pm.

You'll need a bbq ticket to get food, burgers, salad, drinks, fruit, granola bars.

One serving each. We have over 150 people to feed.


Please bring your own water bottle to refill at the BBQ. We will have water stations with paper cups at the 2.5km, 5km and 10km mark. We will have other non-alcoholic beverages at the cannery. 


At approximately 1pm we will begin the door prizes and the awards ceremony for participants.




Transport yourself back in time as you run through the lush temperate rainforest to the oldest remaining intact salmon cannery on the West Coast of North America.

The Northern View Cannery Road Race is back for its 14th year on Saturday, September 14 with a team of volunteers at the helm to make this year a race you won’t want to miss.

Runners will meet at the historic North Pacific Cannery to start the race. There will be a half-marathon, 10km and 5km options for runners, a 10km and 5km walk, and a 1km fun run for kids.

The 21km half-marathon route will travel along rolling hills with views of the cannery, the Skeena River, Lelu Island, the Pacific Ocean through the quaint Port Edward community and out to Galloway Rapids bridge and back. The 10km and 5km route will follow the same road.

Participants will receive a T-shirt and chances to win door prizes. Kids can run for free with a traditional cookie medal waiting for them at the end.

Following the race there will be a barbeque on the newly restored working dock at the cannery where you can eat fish, hamburgers or take the vegetarian option while enjoying views of where the Pacific Ocean meets the epic Skeena River, and the surrounding mountains.

This is paradise. All you have to do is train for it and sign up. We hope to see you there.


PARKING is very limited at the cannery this year due to construction. There is a shuttle bus that will take runners and their families to and from the North Pacific Cannery starting at 9 a.m. It will shuttle back and forth from the public parking lot across from Aero Trading to the cannery approximately every 20 minutes. Registration, and day-of race pick will be at this location as well. Please arrive early to ensure you are at the cannery at least 30 minutes before your start time. 

The public parking lot across from Aero Trading is popular during the fishing season. Please see our map to see other options if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Special Event Day Parking Passes

Volunteers, families with young children requiring strollers, and people with mobility issues can request a parking pass that will go in the dash of your car. With this pass you can park at one of the limited spots at the North Pacific Cannery. 


BC Transit to the event

Route 60 will take you from Prince Rupert to Port Edward.

Park at the Civic Centre. Catch the #60 bus on McBride, opposite the Civic Centre.

Bring change, it's a $4.00 fare.


Saturday schedule

Departing the Civic Centre in Prince Rupert for the North Pacific Cannery

9:13am - arrives at approximately 9:42am

12:05pm - arrives at 12:42pm


Departing the North Pacific Cannery for Prince Rupert

12:42pm, 2:42pm, 4:42pm



If you're coming from out of town staying at the North Pacific Cannery is a unique experience. There are bunk rooms available at a reasonable prince if you book ahead. Wake up to the sound of the Skeena River, and trains rushing by, and walk straight out to the start line of your race. Book ahead for the September, 12, 2020 race.


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